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Residential Interior Designs

(1 RK)

Mr. Vijay Joshi (1RK Residence in Dadar- West)

Mr. Vijay Joshi (1+1 Residence in Dadar West) Renovation of small spaces or structures with the combination of modern amenities is our forte. Modification of the 290 sq ft room revolved around combining modern ideas and traditional look. The staircase design comprised of storage options below the footboard. The structure is designed to bear the load of an additional room created upstairs. The living area had minimal furniture and charm of a proper living room. The 8x8 kitchen was completely remodelled using modular kitchen fixtures. The creation of a foldable dining table with microwave storage provided the essence of a complete dining area. Decorative lights and racks to hold items were used to increase the aesthetic value of the house.

Niketan's designing ideas for living room

Living room

Niketan's modular kitchen design for small houses

Modular kitchen