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About Us

About Us

“The ability to imagine far exceeds the ability to create”, someone said it and our founder Mr.Ketan Nimkar has been motivated by it since the last 15 years. These exemplary words sparked the ‘Eureka’ moment when he decided to do both - imagine and create. Thus, the amazing journey of being an interior designer started. After completing his diploma studies in interior designing from the reputed L.S Raheja College in 1997, he went on to work with Mumbai’s leading architects who empowered him with rare knowledge and vast experience. This vivid exposure on commercial and residential interior designing, clubbed with his zeal to leave a creative mark in the field encouraged him to execute projects in his personal capacity and fully open his wings over the vast horizons of the field of design. Having learned the nuances of the field and tested his skills through various projects, Ketan decided to launch his entrepreneurial venture that would allow him the freedom to do what he does best – understand the clients’ necessities, imagine the best solution and execute it. He started under the brand name Unicorn interiors, which was later renamed to Ketan Nimkar & associates in 2011 and Niketan Designs LLP in 2016.

Niketan Designs LLP was established with a simple yet powerful vision – “Nurturing dreams, building relationships and making this a better place”. This statement encompasses everything that we stand for as an interior design company which is dedicated towards giving best service to its clients. We look at our work, our projects, as dreams of our clients that we help nurture which in turn builds strong relationships with our clients and eventually, we literally make this world a better place through things we build.

While living this vision, it was essential to address the biggest challenges every person faces when thinking about designing the interiors for his/her dream home or office.

Ketan, with his vast experience of 15 years, set out to address these challenges -

  • Clients have an abstract idea about how to design their home/office space BUT cannot conceptualize
  • Clients want to fit in a lot of amenities BUT cannot spare enough budget
  • Clients have wonderful ideas BUT they don’t know how to execute them

At Niketan Designs LLP we have a portfolio of services and offerings that specifically address the above-mentioned challenges. At the core of each of our service are the values that we practice every day, every moment. These values are the guiding principles for us while designing and executing a project.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are at the center of our organization's philosophy. For clients, the outcome is a well-built living or office space but for us the outcome of a successful project in 100% client satisfaction.


The quality of materials used adheres to the best standards of the industry and follows all prescribed processes to obtain the best results. This helps to build a long lasting home and work spaces.

Value for money

We make sure that our clients derive the most value for the money they invest when they work with us. This is achieved by providing best solutions that fit the budget, re-using the existing resources and working at optimum levels to minimize wastage.


We are committed to deliver as per your requirements adhering to the best quality standards, to your complete satisfaction and before deadlines.

Team Work

"Making your dream designs, through teamwork" is what we believe in. Our dedicated team with diverse skills and experience is always working to help you make your dream residential or work space.

So this is us, Niketan Designs LLP, helping our clients turn their dreams into realities. We would love you to be a part of this journey. Do get in touch.

Building Dreams...Not just homes and offices.


"Converting dreams into realities by building world class home and office spaces"


"To be the best in the industry for providing value added services in the field of interior design and home décor."