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Residential Interior Designer | 2 BHK | Niketan Designs LLP

Residential Interior Designs

(2 BHK)

Mr. Shailesh Rajadhyaksha (2BHK Residence in Jogeshwari - East)

Mr. Shailesh Rajadhyaksha (2 BHK Residence in Jogeshwari East) To bring in freshness and uniqueness to this house, we designed this with an open kitchen concept. The customer had a preference for a triangular design on the kitchen partition wall and to complement this, special lights were fixed on the ceiling. The colour of these ceiling lights changes with the click of a button. To satisfy our client's love for music, the chandelier was fitted with Bluetooth speakers. The grand look of the living area is enhanced because of the granite seating area, storage unit and the spotlight on the paintable wall paper. The highlighted tiles and acrylic ceiling added to the design quotient of the bathroom. The jute-type wall paper gave a classy and relaxing look to the master bedroom. The grand finale of the renovation of the entire apartment was the special light effect on the door.

Niketan's interior designer with modern concept for ceilings

Light effects on the ceiling

Niketan's interior designer with modern concept for bathrooms

Highlighted tile on the wall