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Residential Interior Designs


Mr. Deepak Mehta (2BHK Residence in Matunga - East)

Mr. Deepak Mehta's residence at Matunga is a project which displays the amalgamation of simplicity and style. One of the key highlights of this project was increase of the usable area of the kitchen space by extending into the FSI area. An efficient serving platform added to the utility and beauty of the serving space. We also installed a modernly designed sculpture (made from siporex concrete blocks for light weight and strength) which reflects 9 planets of Jainism. As desired by the elderly people of the house, their bed is provided with a collapsible curtain. The overall theme of the home is kept such that every part of the home feels like part of a painting and all parts come together to create a unified experience of a painting.

Niketan - kitchen interior designs

Small kitchen turned spacious

Niketan - modular kitchen designs

Full view of the modular kitchen