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Mr. Vaibhav Risbud (1BHK Residence in Jogeshwari - East)

This 1BHK for Mr. Vaibhav Risbud was a delight to work upon because of the creative liberty we got and challenges we overcame in this limited space apartment. We installed granite seating with closed storage space underneath and enhanced it by putting up warm lighting. The living room was modified by applying wallpaper behind the TV unit and constructing a neat bookshelf beside it. One space challenge was overcome by converting the wall between kitchen and living room into a wall unit with some storage capacity. Another challenge of kitchen space was overcome when we judiciously accommodated the 100 sq. ft. kitchen with all the modern amenities, air exhaust, and modular storage without making it look/feel suffocated. Also, the problem of seepage was addressed by widening the window space and covering it with tiles.

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