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Residential Interior Designs


Mr. Rajesh Shah (2BHK Residence in Matunga - East)

Mr. Rajesh Shah’s home was designed to give a perfect example of urban and classy taste. This 2BHK based in Matunga was equipped with the best of ambient lighting and soothing colour selections. The beauty of pine wood lies in the knots and this effect is seen quite vividly on the ceiling of the living room. The kids wanted their room to be different and we didn't let them down. The children's bedroom was designed as per their colour choices while ensuring that the overall urban theme of the home was kept intact. The lava-effect laminate for TV unit, serene lighting in kitchen ceiling and the elegant raw iron door multiply the urban quotient of the place.

Niketan - interior decoration ideas

Raw iron door

Niketan - laminates for the kitchen

Brown and silver laminates in the kitchen