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Residential Interior Designs


Mr. D. Joshi (2BHK Residence in Kandivali-West)

This 2BHK in Kandivali belonging to Mr. Joshi was entrusted on us to increase its grace by re-designing the living space. We understood the requirement and according to the theme of the rest of the house, ideated a design based on variations of pink shade. A unique thing we did was to include the neighbouring main door into the design and created a circular design at the entrance. This circular theme was then applied to wall art, ceiling and on wall mounted TV unit too. We improvised by creating the partition using glass screen and also accommodating a shoe rack at one corner. The Ganapati quarter plate display on the mirror was the icing on the cake for us.

Niketans design ideas for door

Combined look for the door

Niketans designs for entrance of the house

Entrance to the house