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Best Interior Designers in the World | Niketan Designs LLP
Niketan's projects on commercial interior design

It's never just about the materials that a place is made of. It's about the personality
a good interior designer infuses a place with.

Niketan's design for music studio in a bungalow

Our designs are not just efficient, they are also compassionate when it comes
to looking at space as a living entity rather than an inanimate one.

Niketan - interior design ideas for home

From intricate designs to minimalistic decors, each and
every one of our works delivers to and exceeds our client's expectations.

Niketan's interior design ideas for living room

Every space gets the attention that it deserves from our diversely talented team for
the "wow" factor to be delivered to you.

Niketan's designs for cupboard

Geometrically creative, aesthetically beautiful.

Niketan's interior designs for living room

Let art define your living room.

Niketan's designs for children's room

"Reinventing, not just rethinking" is something we live by.